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    Photography Courses

    Rekindle your passion for photography

Photography Courses...

Millwood Photography Workshops offers a range of inspirational classes aimed at improving your skills as a photographer. Whether you are just starting out with your SLR, need to improve your technique, or simply want to rekindle your passion for photography, there is a course to suit you.

Session 1 - Introduction and Focus

Introduction - What makes a good photo? Focus- Depth of Field, Selective Focus, Focusing on moving subjects, Zone focus, Why Autofocus fails, Avoiding un-sharp pictures

wide angle and telephoto lenses

Sessions 2 & 3 - Exposure

  • ISO
  • Shutter Speeds
  • Bulb and Sync Speeds
  • Aperture
  • When cameras get the wrong exposure
  • Using zoom lenses properly
  • How your camera measures light
  • Metering modes
  • Dynamic Range
  • Setting manual and automatic exposure on your camera
  • Bracketing exposures
  • Deliberate over/under exposure

Session 4 - Flash

  • Range
  • How to Trigger
  • Manual and Automatic Flash
  • Light Balancing
  • Making Flash go Further (3 methods)
  • Pre-Flashes
  • Red Eye
  • Quality of Light

Session 5 - Advanced

  • 3 tips for a good portrait
  • White balance
  • Panning
  • Flash and Drag
  • 3 ways to make your subject stand out
  • Lens filters and hoods
  • HDR
  • Night photography
  • What is the end product?
  • Shooting series
  • Some post processing

Session 6 - Style and Composition

Style and Composition - with many examples. How to make your photos look good.

What to do and what not to do